Tips to Replace a Deadbolt Door Lock

Deadbolt door lock is widely used for home security system today. It is one of the best devices you can use to secure your door since it is able to provide higher protection than the regular deadbolt lock. If you want to replace your old deadbolt lock with the new one, there are some procedures you have to follow. Here are some steps to replace the door lock for you.

Firstly, you need to prepare the tools you will need to help you do your task. The tools include the Phillips screwdriver, flat tip screw driver, file, 3/4 inch wood chisel, and hammer.

Secondly, purchase the right deadbolt door lock. Since there are a lot of types available on the market, it will be better for you to go for the same brand and the same model as your old deadbolt lock. It will make your task easier since you don’t have to redrill your door for new hole to fit your new lock. It will be able to fix to the existing hole in your door. Another important thing you need to do before buying this type of door lock is to make sure whether your door is left-handed or right-handed. Also, note the depth of the door to make sure that your new deadbolt door lock will fit the door for proper work. door lock company wholesale door lock lock manufacturing

Thirdly, remove your old door lock by removing the screws which are securing it by using the screwdriver. Most models of deadbolt lock have six screws. While removing your old lock, note how it is assembled.

Fourthly, test the assembly of your new deadbolt lock. Make sure that your new lock can fit into knob hole as well as the latch area in your door. If it cannot fit into knob hole, you should increase it by using the file. In addition, you can increase the lock if latch hole is too small. Then, make sure that it is level with the door edge. If not, you can use the wood chisel to fix it. Also, ensure that the two sides of your lock have been properly aligned for proper work. However, different models may need different steps. You can see it in the instructions.

Fifthly, secure your deadbolt lock. By using the screws, tighten those two sides. After you have assembled the new one, make sure that it is able to work properly by testing the key either from the inside or outside.

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