Temperature Alarm Review

When considering protecting your residence, second home or cabin many simple, inexpensive temperature alarms exist. These alarms are also great for monitoring rising temperatures in a refrigerator, walk-in freezer or cooler, computer room or greenhouse. Providing protection against rising or falling temperatures, many of these devices can even call you (or any number you choose) when an alarm condition occurs!

So how do you know which alarm is right for you? Considering the environment the temperature alarm dialer needs to monitor is an initial must. A myriad of options exist for clean, dry environments – so let’s look at our options if this is not the case, first.

Livestock monitoring is a classic example of an environment that is less than ideal for some temperature monitors – but where being aware of the rising or falling of temperatures is extremely important! Thankfully there are enclosure solutions that are designed precisely for harsh conditions. Sealed, lockable enclosures ensure that your monitor remains in pristine, operational condition. An industry standard enclosure surrounding your temperature sensor is the way to go when monitoring these types of conditions.

Look for products that provide NEMA 4x enclosures coupled with your unit. NEMA 4x enclosures are intended for either outdoor or indoor use to protect equipment from failing or hose directed water, splashing water, and seepage of water, corrosion, and severe external condensation. These enclosures are sleet-resistant and have conduit hubs or equivalent provisions for a watertight connection at the conduit entrance.

So how do you decide which temperature alarm is right for you when you need to monitor a clean, dry environment? First, consider how you want to be notified if an alarm condition occurs. Are you going to be in the immediate area – where a strobe or siren would be enough notification? Or are you monitoring this property remotely – where you would need to be notified via phone or email? temperature sensor

If you plan on being in the immediate area – a simple temperature sensor with relay outputs will do the job nicely! Relay outputs allow you to connect to a variety of products, so customizing your notification is easy.

If you need an alarm that will notify you no matter where you are, a sensor with a dialer is ideal. Temperature sensors with a dialer can call you at home, on your cell phone, call a neighbor or repair personnel if you choose. These temperature alarm dialers are not necessarily expensive and come in a variety of temperature monitoring ranges. Many temperature alarm dialers also have relay outputs that can control various other accessories of your choice.

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