Oxygen OS 3.4 – A Closer Look at an Excellent New OnePlus 9R Smartphone

The new smartphone from the popular Oxygen brand, the OnePlus 9R, is all set to change the way we do things. Many have compared it to Apple’s iPhone in terms of how effortlessly it integrates with many of today’s mobile apps and services. The home screen offers quick access to apps that need to be used right away. There’s no longer any need to dig deep into your pocket to find the right app to use. No longer do we have to search endlessly through our smartphones looking for a specific app. This is because the home screen of the OnePlus 9R makes it easy to go straight to the ones that we want, when we need them.

The new smartphone from Oxygen isn’t your typical smartphone. For those who don’t have been keeping up with the latest trends or are completely new to them, you’ll know that smartphone devices these days are big and bulky. The old standard was to fit them into a one-cable carrier bag, but these days, people are opting for a slim and compact device that fits nicely in the palm of their hand. That’s why manufacturers like Oppo have recently released the popular Allwinner Aq, which is a smaller yet equally effective smartphone in the price range that most can afford. It may be the flagship of the upcoming flagship generation, but the OnePlus 9R has already established itself as the must-have smartphone around. OnePlus 9R

But just because the OnePlus 9R can fit into a tighter budget doesn’t mean it wouldn’t appeal to a more selective market. For anyone in the market for a phone that can perform, even surpass the capabilities of their existing carriers, then the OnePlus 9R is a great choice. It has the features you’d expect from a mid-budget Android smartphone, at a price that will appeal to a select group of consumers. The Allwinner Aq is one of those phones, offering all the power in a mobile phone, but it also packs in high performance for only a few bucks.

But what makes this mid-budget smartphone stand out from the crowd? Well, for starters, it boasts a built-in fingerprint scanner, one of the most futuristic and useful technology available on a smartphone today. If you want to unlock your phone only when you’re at home, you won’t have to waste your time going to an authorized site and unlocking it, thanks to the built-in fingerprint scanner. In addition, it also sports a large, high-definition display for clear text viewing, and comes pre-installed with Google Maps. That means driving around town, knowing where you’re going and how fast you need to get there, is made extremely simple thanks to the on-screen, easy-to-navigate on-screen map.

For an extra penny, you can also avail of a free Android OS, OxygenOS 3.4, along with the Allwinner Aq. This operating system is not actually a fork of the OS 4.2 Jellybean, as many people have guessed, but instead it’s based on the latest and greatest of Android. With Oxygen OS 3.4, you get to enjoy a completely new range of features, including:

It’s easy to forget that the OnePlus 9R was one of the first smartphones to be equipped with Android 4.2 – a major upgrade from the previous OS 4.2 which was limited to just a couple of countries (including China). The device certainly offers a huge leap forward in terms of user interface and user experience, though it does have its downfalls, too. The battery life in particular can be a little lacking, but if you’re planning on using your smartphone heavily, this isn’t a problem. And the price is very competitive, coming in at just under $400 for the basic model. This is a powerful mid-budget smartphone with a lot to offer – it’s just waiting for you to use it!

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