How to Build Quality Backlinks – Essential to Mass Traffic

The idea behind backlinks is that if your site is providing quality information, then other sites will link to yours, thus increasing your popularity and ranking among the search engines, particularly Google, thus boosting your traffic.

There is more to building backlinks than just spamming your URL across the internet. Google compares titles and keywords and content of sites that contain your URL, if they seem irrelevant then Google will give very little consideration to that backlink. On the other hand the more relevant it deems each site, the stronger the backlink becomes. Another consideration is the popularity of the site containing your URL, if the site is not popular at all, the backlink won’t do much at all. On the other hand the more popular it is, the stronger your backlink is. Relevance and popularity combined form a very strong backlink, and the more backlinks you get the more popular your site becomes and the higher you show up in the search results. Backlinks are said to be the prime factor in how Google determines the placement of your site, so you should not ignore them.

Method 1: The natural way. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but have useful quality content on your site, that way people will link to it naturally. But of course this helps none if you’re a beginner or your site has no popularity at all yet. It won’t just take off on its own of course, but this is a very powerful method later on once your better established.

Method 2: Site Directories. DMOZ and Yahoo Directory are the most popular and form the strongest backlinks. If you want to get known on the web it is essential that you register with both directories. Just Google DMOZ and Yahoo Directory they’ll be the first results. Getting registered with these directories takes time, months, but it’s free worth it. 구글상위노출

Method 3: Forum and Blog comments. Perhaps you know of a forum or blog that has the same general category as yours. Put your blog in your forum signature and respond to a couple posts in those forums. For blogs, just post a comment on the most popular ones and somehow include your URL. Google indexes forums and blog comments, so these backlinks are valuable as long as the forum or blog you posted in is relevant and popular.

Method 4: Articles. There are article directories all over the internet. The 3 most popular are EzineArticles.com, Buzzle.com, and SearchWarp.com. They have 8’000’000, 1’300’00, and 800’000 views respectively this month alone. Basically what you do, is register at each, write an article that has something to do with the same category as your website or blog, this can be a review, or whatever. Just make sure your reader will find it interesting, that’s the most important part. Once done, you will usually see some sort of “resource box” where you can leave a link to your website or blog, you should include some incentive at the end of the article to go there, or at least let the reader know it exists. This is a very powerful method to build traffic and backlinks. Even a very poor article will get a minimum of 30 hits in a week, and each article is another backlink to your site. A well Search Engine Optimized article with a well chosen niche can get hundreds of views a day, with over 40% click through rate.



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