Chinese New Year – Year of the Rabbit

There was a barrage of fireworks as the Chinese New Year kicked off on February 3, 2011! Perhaps the most important holiday in the Chinese culture, this event runs for more than two weeks, ending on the eve of the 15th day with the traditional “Lantern Festival.” Over the course of the celebration, families and communities come together to wish each other happiness, wealth and longevity through a number of activities including setting off fireworks and fireworks.

On the first day of the Chinese New Year, firecrackers are lit en masse as a way to frighten away bad spirits and usher in prosperity. These crackers are almost always red, the symbolic color of good luck during the season. If you are wandering the streets during one of the festivities, you’ll surely hear the poppity-pop-popping of these popular pyrotechnics. Not only are they lit off by the long string full of firecrackers fused together, they can also be set off in “celebration rolls” that feature thousands and thousands of crackers. christmas and new year 2022 wishes

There no surprise that you’d find firecrackers and other fireworks at a Chinese New Year party; fireworks were invented in ancient China after all! Reports say that over 1000 years ago, a Chinese cook accidentally created bursting bamboo or “pao chuk” by stuffing chemicals into a chunk of bamboo and tossing it into the fire! Because the loud noise startled bystanders and nearby animals, they were incorporated into ceremonies as a way to frighten off evil entities, especially the spirit “Nian.” Nian was believed to eat people and crops, and thus scaring him away with red firecrackers would make life much for happy and prosperous for the townspeople.

Aside from seeing firecracker being set across towns and cities in China, there are many places in the US where firecrackers are incorporated into the Chinese New Year celebration. For example, New York City usually lifts its ban on firecrackers to allow for displays of hundreds of thousands of firecrackers to go off in Chinatown’s Chatham Square. During the huge San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade, revelers enjoy plenty of fireworks to make the night a blast. Many of the colorful Lion Dances and Dragon Dances that are performed during this time are punctuated with lots of firecrackers as well.

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