A Look At Instant Messaging Applications

The rise in popularity of the Blackberry Messenger system has seen numerous companies launch similar applications aimed at offering free and easy instant messaging across all platforms. One of the handsets to really benefit from this is the iPhone 4 as it offered no built in instant messenger service. Here we take a look at some of the best services available for this phone and also take a look at the forthcoming iMessage service which is coming with the new software update.

One of the best applications available for the iPhone 4 is Whatsapp which is a cross platform messaging system. Unlike Blackberry messenger which works only between Blackberry devices Whatsapp is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. this means you can send messages to your friends for free even if they do not have the same handset as you. The reason that messaging on this feature is free is because it uses the phones WiFi or 3G connection. Obviously if you have used your data allowance for 3G then there may be a charge so this is worth investigating. Conversations are displayed in a very similar manner to the phones SMS facility meaning you have a page listing every conversation you have had with that person. When you send a message a small green tick appear to show that it has been sent and two ticks appear once the recipient has read the message. You are not limited to just sending text to your friends as the application also enables you to send photographs, audio notes and video messages. Another similar application is Viber which not only offers free messaging but also free voice calls by using the handsets VOIP services. This application is however only available to iPhone users and is not a cross platform service. gbwhatsapp

The iPhone 4 will benefit from a new messaging service named iMessage when the new operating system update is launched. This service will be available to all users of the iOS5 platform across devices that not only include the iPhone but also the iPad tablet and the iPod Touch. Just like Whatsapp this system enables you to send free text messages to other users via WiFi or 3G connections. The iMessage feature allows you to have group conversations with several people at the same time. The system is also useful for Apple fans who may have a couple of devices running on iOS5. You can start a conversation on your iPhone 4 and continue it on your iPad when you get home. The iMessage service looks like a great addition to the iPhone 4 arsenal and will further enhance the phones appeal to a wide range of consumers.

The iPhone 4 is one of the leading handsets available and its messaging facilities are one reason why this phone is such a hit. The user friendly interface and the range of applications available add to the appeal and the forthcoming OS update will further strengthen this phones position in the marketplace.

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